Welcome Westleigh Members and those interested in joining our wonderful club. We have a lot of exciting news for the upcoming 2020 season about tennis opportunities at Westleigh. If you have any questions about Westleigh tennis, please forward your inquiries to tennis@westleigh-club.org

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There is a security system for the Westleigh tennis courts that requires a code.  The code is changed periodically to ensure use is available only to Westleigh members and their guests. The code is available at the front desk of the Westleigh Clubhouse.

Court Reservations

There is a reservation system for tennis court use at Westleigh.  This system is designed to ensure all members have equal access to the courts.  If a member has reserved a tennis court, anyone using the court at the reserved time must vacate that court.  The link to access this system is http://westleightennis.onlinecourtreservations.com/Reservations.asp.  The passcode is available at the front desk, located inside the clubhouse in the office.  Or it can be requested by sending an email to tennis@westleigh-club.org. In your email, please confirm that you are a current Westleigh member for the 2019 season.  If you have not previously registered to use the system, please email tennis@westleigh-club.org with a registration request and also include that you are a current member for the 2019 season.