Parent volunteers are key to the success of our dive team. All dive families must volunteer in some capacity to be on the team.

Officiating Clinics – for certain volunteer positions, attendance at these clinics is required. Please see the coaching staff for more details. Here are the time for this summer’s sessions.

We need the following volunteers, see below for more details:

Dive team representative – liason with MCDL, organize meets both home and away, report results of meets, chair the Dive Committee

Treasurer – collect all checks and take to bank.  Be a signer on the checks. Keeps track of receipts and expenses.

Social Chairman – Provided Friday treats for divers and any other social activities that are done, in the past there has been Tye Dye and  other activities.

Marketing Chair – post on social media and market the team to get divers.

Fundraising Chair – plan and run fundraisers for the team to raise money to support the team.

Banquet Chair -Most recently I served as the Social Committee Member.  The following is a list of my duties…

-Reserved the Clubhouse for the end of season banquet (pick and reserve the date asap)

-Planned and ordered diver gifts and senior gifts

-Planned and purchased or made decorations for the banquet

-Set up the banquet space on the day of the event

Concessions Chair – -Run home meet concession stand.  This includes purchasing and preparing food for sale at home meets and the divisional meet, setting up and running the concession stand.

Referee – requires attending a clinic

Judges – requires attending a clinic

Dive meet setup

Dive meet take down

Concessions worker

Concessions clean up and set up

Concessions shopping

Friday night social in charge of one week

Table Worker: There are several jobs at the table – score recorder, degree of difficulty calculator, meet secretary, and ribbon writer. Learning how to be a table worker requires very little time and the job is essential. This quick video provides instructions. [Insert video]. Our team is required to provide three table workers for every meet.

Announcer: We provide an announcer for all home meets. This person gives the name and team of the diver as well as the dive the child is planning to do and its degree of difficulty. Volunteers must be comfortable using the microphone and maintaining the pace of the meet.

Dive Judge: The dives at all meets are judged by 5 parents – two from the home team and 3 from the away team. The league provides a clinic in the basics of judging to standardize judging at the meets. This training is mandatory and is held on three different dates at the beginning of each summer.

Meet Referee: Westleigh provides the referee at all home meets. The referee provides guidance to the judges regarding maximum scores and failed dives. The referee may also act as a judge during the meets. Prior experience as a judge and tableworker is helpful. Training is provided at the close of the judging clinics.