ALL WESTLEIGH KIDS ages 6-18 are invited to join the Dive Team! Let’s get excited about summer.

Westleigh offers a competitive summer dive program regardless of prior experience. Whether your child is a beginner or a seasoned diver, we invite them to join us for a fun and challenging summer experience. We are in Division IV of the Montgomery County Dive League (MCDL). The mission of the MCDL is to promote the safety, fun, and learning of the sport of Springboard Diving through instructional practice and age-level competition.

All divers are eligible to compete in dual meets against dive teams within Division in the following age groups, based on gender and age as of on June 1: 8 years and younger, 9-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-14 years, and 15-18 years. For 2021 only there will be a 19 year old category for those who missed out on their final year last year due to COVID.  The divers begin by learning the basic front and back jumps and dives, and can progress to more complicated somersault, reverse, inward and twisting dives.


4:30-7pm subject to change after school ends

Monday thru Friday May 31st through July 30, 2022 unless there is a home B meet then there will be no practice on that Wednesday.

B meets are TBD

No Practice or Meet on  July 4, 2022.

*****no diver may practice until we have signed registration form and payment********


The 2022 tentative meet schedule is as follows:



Referee and Judges Clinics

Quick Breakdown- Judge Training:


Quick Breakdown- Referee Training:





We do not require a specific bathing suit but we do recommend, and many of the divers do get, the Westleigh team suit.  You can purchase the team suit the swim team. I can coordinate. Or you can purchase a generic blue and white bathing suit or you can wear any other one piece bathing suit.


Hello Westleigh Families!  The Westleigh Dive Team is gearing up for another fun season.

The 2022 registration form is in process, last year’s form to see the idea is at [bsk-pdf-manager-pdf id=”53″]

You can complete it and mail to Holly Akli as indicated on the form. As in the past, we do offer a “come see if Dive is for you” trial program, where for just the cost of $45 you can come to 3 practices and see if you like it!!  After that you can join and the $45 is credited to your dues, but is otherwise non-refundable.  Its a great way to try something new!!

We will send out a practice schedule soon, but will be similar to prior years with all efforts to avoid swim team conflicts so kids can join both!!  Practices are typically between 4-8pm Monday – Friday, practice time slot is typically 2 hour and based on age and ability.

See you on the Boards!!

Fun, Friends & Dive
Holly, Anya and Dee