Membership: All activities are limited to members and their guests. Up-to-date membership identification or status as a guest is required at all times and for all use of WRC facilities including swim pool, clubhouse, common grounds, tennis courts and volleyball court.

Guest Pass System: GUEST PASSES are available for purchase in advance in a book of ten for $50. Guest passes do not expire. As a convenience, members requiring passes on-site may sign for guest passes at the guard desk. These guest passes will be available for $7.50 each, and members will be billed. Please discuss the use of on-site guest pass purchases with your household. Member families agree to pay for any guest passes requested by their children.

To avoid abuse, and to ensure that paying members are respected and treated fairly, use of guest passes is restricted. Non-members are limited to TWO VISITS A SEASON. (This limit does not apply to out-of-town family and guests.) Guests cannot use the club all season long on various guest passes in lieu of purchasing a membership.

Contact Information: Westleigh Recreation Club is a not-for-profit recreation club managed by a volunteer Board of Directors who oversees the day-to-day management of the club as carried out by various paid contractors (for example, Pool Management Company, Tennis Professional, Clubhouse Manager, Membership Manager) and volunteer committees (for example, Swim Team, Diving Team, and Tennis). Members wishing to contact board members, contractors, or committees should use the contact information set up under Administration. Announcements of special events are also available on the main page of the website.

Use of Club Facilities: The Club Facility shall not be made available for commercial purposes or for personal profit. The clubhouse including the deck area shall be available for rental by members and non members. All requests should be made to the Clubhouse Manager,Dee Weiss. Please contact her for rental fees. A deposit of $500 will be charged and refunded if the clubhouse is left in proper order and all inspection criteria and regulations cited in the rental agreement have been followed. Arranging for appropriate use, determination of appropriate use and arrangement for rental should be through the Clubhouse Manager. Pool activities must also be scheduled through the Clubhouse Manager to prevent coinciding activities using the clubhouse.

Advertising and Announcements: Commercial, personal, or political advertising or solicitation shall not be permitted on Club facilities without prior board consent. No advertising or announcements shall be posted or exhibited, no petition shall be circulated, and no solicitation of funds or sale of tickets shall be made without the express written permission of the Board of Directors.

Parking: Commuter parking is prohibited. The parking lot is restricted to parking of vehicles whose drivers are using Club facilities. Parking of cars is restricted to areas designated for this purpose. Drivers are urged to lock their cars. The Club is not responsible for theft, damage or loss.

Bicycles, Motorcycles, Mopeds, etc.: Parking is limited to the area designated by bicycle racks or automobile parking. Parking is strictly prohibited on the concrete deck at the main entrance to the pool, or on the driveway to the swimming pool emergency gate. No motorized vehicles may be ridden on pedestrian pathways or on grassy areas.

Music Amplification: The amplification of music from Club Grounds or the Clubhouse is prohibited without prior board consent. 

Vandalism: Members or their guests guilty of willful vandalism/destruction of club property may result in the loss of their membership and/or prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Lost and Found: Lost articles shall be reported to the Pool or Clubhouse Managers. Articles found on the Club premises shall be held for for a period of time. Articles not claimed will be donated.

Accidents: All accidents on Club premises must be reported immediately to the Staff. The club may, in its discretion, administer first aid.

Violation of Regulations: Disciplinary action for failure to obey Club regulations will be in accordance with Article X, Section 3, of the Club by-laws.

A complete copy of the current club bylaws can be found here : Westleigh Club Bylaws – 2019