Westleigh Recreation Club is a community club administered by a group of volunteer members. The Board of Directors consists of five volunteer members elected at the beginning of each fiscal year (Nov. 1 to Oct. 31) by the membership community, for a three-year term. Specific positions are determined by the Board members themselves and they receive no pay or compensation for their services. Committee Heads are volunteer members that serve as liaisons between the Board and various club-sponsored programs, such as the swim, dive, pickleball, and tennis teams. The Membership Manager is a sub-contractor paid by the club to provide administrative support.


Board of Directors



President Rob Kemp Rnkemp3@hotmail.com
Treasurer Jim Nagel jimnagel2@gmail.com
Secretary / Clubhouse Manager Dee Weiss dcopl@aol.com
Member at Large / Pickleball Liaison Leilani Micalizzi westleighboard@gmail.com
Member at Large / Tennis Liaison Barry Weiner bwein520@yahoo.com


Membership Manager Kim Brock membership@westleigh-club.org
Bookkeeper Leilani Micalizzi westleighboard@gmail.com